Metal Roof Maintenance and Repair Tips

Metal roofs are generally long lasting which helps to explain their popularity. They are also good looking which is probably why we are seeing more of them on new homes.


All parts of the home need regular maintenance and occasionally a repair or two. A metal roof repair is no different. Here are some tips that will help ensure the roofs look good and last as long as possible.


Cleaning is necessary on occasion, especially if you live in an area with a lot of trees and leaves. A lot depends on the shape. If you have any crevices or flat spots, leaves and branches can get stuck in them. If you do not feel comfortable on a ladder, find a handyman or a roofing company that can take care of this issue for you.


Rain washes away most dirt and grime. But you might want to power-wash the roof every once in a while. Again, this is something that you can do yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.


Check for Drainage Issues: Rain keeps it clean but if puddles form on the roof, the water will eventually cause rust. You might have to get up on a ladder to make sure that rain is not pooling behind gutters or in other areas that are hidden from view. If you find serious drainage issues, you will likely need to contact a roofer to get suggestions. New gutters might solve the problem.


Touch Up the Paint: Touching up the paint on a regular basis will help prevent rust. Some brands contain polymers that are better at preventing rust on metal surfaces. But if it doesn’t match the color, you might not like the way it looks. Clear sealants or rubber coatings are other alternatives. The rubber coatings are a good idea if you are worried about leaks or if you currently have one and can’t seem to find the hole.


Check the Seams: Seams are the most common location for leaks. You can repair a seam or a hole elsewhere on the roof with roofing cement. If the hole is large, you may need to solder on another piece of metal.

Always be sure that the metals you use are the same type. If different metals touch each other, you have an increased risk of rust and corrosion. Even the screws should be of the same type of metal and washers should always be used.

With proper care and maintenance, your metal roof could last a lifetime. We hope the preceding tips were helpful.

RV Trailer and Mobile Home Roof Maintenance Guide

As with all normal roofs, RV trailer and mobile home roofs will from time to time need to be repaired and maintained. Your RV Trailer’s roof is just as vital as the roof on any regular brick and mortar house. The roof offers protection to you and your family home from the most destructive forces that the elements will throw at you. Therefore, whether you use your mobile home only occasionally, for outings and such, or if you are living in a trailer home full time, it is important that regular maintenance for your RV top is planned. Regular roof maintenance will guarantee the longest possible life for your mobile home, keeping it safe from the elements and forces of nature.

Rubber Roofs

Many newer mobile homes have roofs that are made from rubber. This is because rubber is cheaper and often lasts much longer than the traditional metal roofing materials that are used with older trailers and mobile homes. Manufacturers of mobile homes use a special kind of material named Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, or EPDM Coating, a substance that has been especially developed for roofing purposes. EPDM is designed to last for a long time, up to 20 years or even longer, and will usually come with a 10 year guarantee.

EPDM roofs are actually ideal, and very easy to protect. Use of treatments that protect roofs is really not required, as the EPDM is already self protecting. In fact, all you need to do to make it last as long as possible is to clean it regularly. It’s recommended that you clean an EPDM roof four or five times each year.

If your rubber trailer roof is more than a few years old, you may well notice a chalky build up on the surface of it. Don’t worry about this; it’s just normal deterioration due to aging that is unavoidable. If you clean your roof often, you will minimize this chalky build up anyway, and it will visibly reduce the white streaks that can be seen on the sides and roof of your RV.

The one thing that is very important when it comes to cleaning your EPDM roof is using the right products to do the job. Cleaning products that contain harsh abrasives, petroleum solvents or acidic based agents should never be used, as these will cause irreparable damage to the roof and cut its lifespan by many years. The best thing that you can use is some form of very mild, soap-based cleaner or a laundry detergent, and make sure it’s mixed with plenty of water.

Once the roof has been cleaned, before you climb down off of it, carry out a few inspections to make sure of its condition. Check there are no cracks anywhere and that the seals and caulking are still good. Also check any other areas that could see leakages, such as vent covers etc. It pays and will safe you an awful lot of money if you can spot any signs of deterioration early on.

Metal Roofs

Most of the older mobile homes and RV’s around usually have metal roofs, most often aluminum. In order to keep this type of roof in good condition, again it is usually only required that you inspect it regularly and keep it clean. For most metal roofs, it’s okay to clean it twice a year using an automotive wash and wax cleaner.

You may notice that many older RV’s with metal roofs have unsightly black marks or streaks running down the sides. This is caused by dirt that runs off the roof when it gets wet. If you clean your roof often, and especially if for whatever reason it gets particularly dirty, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor with regard to getting rid of these dirty black streaks.

It might be advisable to clean your RV roof more than twice a year if you are often parked underneath trees or other places where a lot of debris falls onto your roof. Debris such as this can cause unsightly and permanent stains if it is left too long.