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Built-up roof

Butyl Liquid Rubber application on Built up roof

built up roofbuilt roof

In this application, the built-up roof was badly weathered and leaking in several locations. To save money and prevent downtime, the owner decided to use our Butyl Liquid Rubber to restore the roof. AFTER: A leak-free, seamless roofing membrane now covers the old, weathered built-up roof. The cool roof coating reflects about 90% of the heat from the sun. The rooftop air-conditioning units also operate more efficiently, since the temperatures of the intake air around the units have been noticeably reduced. Since it is flat roof the owner experienced damages due to the ponding water and algae built-up over the years. Our Butyl Liquid Rubber contains a mindewcide to deter mold and mildew from growing on the roof and it also will take standing water 365 days year. It has actually been used to coat the inside of ponds.

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