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can i apply the Liquid Roof over new Eternabond tape that i've repaired the end cap joints with?

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I have scraped off the old Dicor lap sealant and re-done the front and rear seams with Eternabond tape, the 4" wide tape with the white finish.  My plan was to coat the entire roof with Liquid Roof for RV's extending the Liquid Roof beyond the Eternabond tape and onto the metal front and rear caps of the rv, as well as over the sides of the EPDM roof to the gutters.  Do I need to do anything to the newly-installed Eternabond tape before i apply the Liquid Roof to the entire rv? (note that there are also 2 patches of Eternabond tape on areas of the roof that had sliced open).

asked Apr 3, 2017 in Liquid Roof by Sharon

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yes sand the eternabond tape and then apply a thin layer of contact cement over it and let it dry

thank you
answered Apr 3, 2017 by admin
Thank you! Exactly the info I needed!