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Can I use primer and then liquid roof over "Leak Stopper" rubberized roof patch on EPDM rv roof that can't get it off?

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Accidently put leak stopper brand patch (obviously noncompatable) on our EPDM rv roof and can't get it off. Yes, bubbling in some places. Can I use primer and the apply liquid roof or what should i do? Leak stopper is not drying/curing well but still can't get it off. Roof in bad shape before which is why my husband thought he was "helping" with leak stopper". Yes we now need marriage counseling, lol
asked Oct 22, 2017 in Preparation by anonymous

1 Answer

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Hello i will ask someone at the manufacturing plant and if the primer will work i will get back with you monday

Thank you
answered Oct 22, 2017 by admin