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How long is the primer cure time at 80+degrees

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asked May 11, 2018 in Liquid Roof by Dennis Hatcher

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hello here are the specifics on the primer


Once the ProFlex is applied, the Liquid EPDM must be applied within 24-48 hours to ensure proper adhesion. The ProFlex needs to be a little tacky when applying the Liquid EPDM. If the ProFlex is tacky but does not pull up when you walk on it that is the ideal condition to apply the Liquid EPDM. If the ProFlex is allowed to dry the Liquid EPDM will not adhere properly. This will necessitate you waiting until the ProFlex has fully dried and then sand and recoat before re-applying the Liquid Rubber. The day which you apply the ProFlex primer needs to be above 50 degrees. Lower temperatures at night will slow the cure but will not affect the product. Do not apply ProFlex if you anticipate freezing temperatures BEFORE you are able to apply the Liquid EPDM Rubber. NOTE: The above procedure is not re

answered May 11, 2018 by admin
This is not an answer this is just a repeted copy of information that I have read and reread. It did not address the issue of how higher temperature speeds up the cure time or am I to understand that it needs to cure a minimum of 24 hrs
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