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Can the RVroofmagic be applied to a roof that wraps over the edge a few inches?

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The roof material on my Forest River Cardinal 5th wheel wraps over the edge of the roof a few inches along the entire length. Will the RVroofmagic work ok on the part that is curved over the edge?
asked Aug 16, 2018 in Liquid RV Roof Magic by Bill
edited Jun 3, 2021 by admin

1 Answer

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if it is the original epdm then just one coat of the RVroofmagic is needed however we do suggest a flash coat(light coating first ). There is never a primer needed. See below for application process

If you have an existing epdm roof, it is important for you apply a very light coat (a flash coat, approximately 4 mil or the thickness of 2 pieces of paper). Failure to do so will result in swelling of the membrane which will require additional days for the product to settle. The final coat will be at a 16 mil thickness. Divide the length of your rv by the number of remaining gallons, this number will tell you the length of the sections needed for each gallon. For example, if your trailer is 24 feet long, you will need 4 gallons. One gallon will be for your flash coat. The remaining three gallons will be for the final coat. After your flash coat, divide your 24 ft long tailer by 3 (the number of remaining gallons) resulting in eight-foot-long sections. Each of your remaining gallons will cover one of these 8 ft section.

Thank you
answered Aug 16, 2018 by admin
edited Jun 3, 2021 by admin