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I have a residential home with EPDM roof, should I be using RV Roof Magic or Butyl Liquid Rubber?

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Hello, I have a few questions and not sure what product I should be using. I purchased a home three years ago which has an EPDM roof. It was in need of a good cleaning and had a lot of algae on it. I want to coat the roof and take care of it. The roof is app: 15 years old. I know at some point I will need a new one, but until that time, I want to do this. Should I be using the butyl liquid rubber or RV Roof Magic for RV's? I do not have the exact roof measurements, but my home is 1279 sq. ft. The roof is not torch down if that helps at all. Do I need to use the primer beforehand? Thank you for your time and feedback.
asked Sep 3, 2015 in Liquid Butyl Rubber by Karen
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2 Answers

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Hi Karen you would need 7 of the ( 5 gallon pails) of our butyl liquid rubber. We suggest a good power wash to remove all the dirt and be sure the surface is perfectly dry before applying the product.  No primer is needed on an existing epdm rubber roof however, you will need to apply a very thin 'flash' coat.  Be sure this 'flash' is completely dry before you apply the remaining product.  Once it cures, the butyl liquid rubber will chemically bond itself to the existing substrate giving you approximately 18-20 years life expectancy.

Thank you
answered Sep 3, 2015 by admin
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Thank you kindly for your timely response. I will be doing this project early fall and will ordering from you.
answered Sep 4, 2015 by Karen
Ok thank you