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Do I need to use a primer if this is being applied to a deteriorating rubber RV roof?

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asked Oct 13, 2015 in Liquid RV Roof Magic by anonymous
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No, but you do need to have an acceptable substrate otherwise no coating will be effective.  Please see below

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Acceptable Roof Types

One of the unique characteristics of RvRoofMagic is that it has been specially formulated to be compatible with 95% of roof surfaces without needing a primer! Saving the rv customer time and money. This makes RvRoofMagic a one step process for putting an end to roof leaks.

RVroofMagic can be applied to the surfaces below.

  • EPDM (a flash coat is needed prior to the final application)
  • Can be applied directly over an non-silicone products such as Dicor, Kool Seal and elastomerics
  • Alpha rubber roof made by Fleetwood RV’s
  • Fiberglass
  • Butyl Rubber
  • Hypalon Rubber
  • Vinyl-As long as it is aged, adhesion test required
  • Metal

NOTE: Cannot be applied over silicone-based coatings
Wood: An oil-based wood sealer is needed on any wood surface as well as two coats of the RvRoofMagic. Please wait 24 hours between coats. Since we do not know the quality or condition of the wood, any wood application is not covered by a warranty

For any other substrates, please contact our office prior to application

answered Oct 13, 2015 by admin
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if you have substrate damage we do not suggest using the product.  This product is only for roofs that do not have any substrate damage

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answered Dec 3, 2015 by admin