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How can I remove RV vents/flashing after Liquid Roof applied?

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I have read the instructions and it seems that you're supposed to apply the Liquid Roof material directly over the RV flashings (plumbing vents, fridge vents, vent assembles, etc.). If any of those items (plumbing vents, fridge vent caps, etc.) need to be replaced the future, 1) how are you supposed to do that when the Liquid Roof has been applied over the edge 2) After they are replaced, how is that re-sealed?

In a typical RV roof you remove the caulk, replace the vent and re-apply caulk. How does the Liquid Roof material change that process?

asked Mar 7, 2016 in Technical by Jeff

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Hi Jeff, you can apply if you wish but not required. if you need to get to them in the future you will need to cut around them with a utility knife. and fix/repair what needs to be done there and recoat. any caulking work is the prep work before the liquid epdm is applied

Thank you
answered Mar 7, 2016 by admin