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358 views asked May 31, 2016 in Liquid Butyl Rubber by Moshe

return unused

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I called and talked to Customer Service before putting in my order. My area was approximately 9.9 X 6.5, it was recommended for me to order Two (2) Gallons. However, with the Air Condition, Air vents and Skylight, the square footage changed and the second gallon, untouched.

So, do I now have an extra patch gallon or can I return for over order?




This is not a complaint. Customer Service was great (Does Georgia/New England accent qualify as Foreigner?). I had a last minute change to my order that was quickly resolved. Delivery was much sooner than expected.
asked May 30, 2016 in Liquid Butyl Rubber by Moshe Bialac

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Hi sure you can call the office and they can send you a return authorization number

Thank you
answered May 30, 2016 by admin
May not return