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Does this sound like a ok plan

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Had to put all new plywood on my roof. So after getting it put on I will put on the side gutter and awning strips on putting your calking under each. Then put your primer all over plywood. Then would  put all the vents, the AC and antennas on using your calking under each. As well as running a line of calk under the front and rear siding then screwing it down then putting your tape over the front and rear siding screws. Then sanding the tape just a bit. Then putting the liquid roof over everything including the vents and antenna edges and over the taped front and rear siding. Does this sound ok? If not what part should I change.?
asked Mar 3, 2017 in Preparation by Anita

1 Answer

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Lots to discuss here please give our office a call and ask for a sales rep you can call 610-298-1989 ext 1

Thank you
answered Mar 3, 2017 by admin