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Can I put Eternabond tape over a freshly covered roof?

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I am about to recoat my RV roof,  and I want to cover all seals and joints with Eternabond tape as well. I see that several people had asked about applying the roof coating over the Eternabond that has already been applied, and how to do so. My question is, can I coat the roof first, then apply the Eternabond after the coating dries? That way I can save the step of sanding the Eternabond tape, and coating it with contact cement as recommended. Will this work?
asked May 2, 2017 in Liquid RV Roof Magic by Al

1 Answer

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no the tape comes first and then the liquid roof.

Thank you
answered May 2, 2017 by admin
Do I have to coat over the tape, or just go right up to the edge of it, if it's the white backed tape?
coat over the tape but lightly sand eternabond and put a thin layer of contact cement over it and let that dry first
One last question.. I realized I need to use the Pro Flex Primer, since I have a Fleetwood camper, and possibly an Alpha roof. Will coating the Eternabond tape with the Pro Flex Primer work in place of sanding and using contact cement?