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can it be used on the inside of spa covers? (the water side)

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The inside of my spa cover is torn and i want to create a new interior on a full half of the spa cover. I plan to use some some roofing repair fiberglass mesh to provide the stability for the coating and wanted to know if i could use your coating over the fiberglass to provide a waterproof barrier. (see complete stackup below)

--top of spa outer cover (the heavy vinyl)

--inner styrafoam core

--sheet of plastic to provide a vapor barrier

--fiberglass mesh to provide rigidity to hold the coating

--coating on the bottom of the spa cover ((where i would use the EPDM))


asked May 8, 2018 in Other Uses by anonymous

1 Answer

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The product has been used on this before

Thank you
answered May 8, 2018 by admin
edited Jun 2, 2021 by admin