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I am planning on resealing my 2006 Sierra RV.  How can I tell if the sealant around the vents, skylights have silicone, also if the silicone is covered the DICOR lap sealant can I prime over it, and reseal.

Also what would the best cleaning solution be.  I use water, DAWN liquid soap, and just a little bleach, to clean the sides.

I also want to prime the front of the camper, and use the RV LIQUID ROOF with a fiber glass mesh to cover approx 1/8" gap between the front edge and the rubber coating.  Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.
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I would reach out to dicor and get their material data sheet that would tell you

dawn and two cups of bleach per gallon water is what is used to clean the roof prior to the application

sure you prime then Impregnate the fabric and then the liquid roof

Thank you