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can i apply RVroofmagic on new plywood on an rv roof replacement ??

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I installed all new plywood on my rv roof will RVroofmagic work if i prime it first it says there will be no warranty if I doe this what is the correct process to do this
asked Aug 19, 2018 in Liquid RV Roof Magic by Jerry
edited Jun 4, 2021 by admin

1 Answer

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hi here is the specifications for wood applications

thank you


RVRoofmagic adheres well to all types of wood.  If the rubber is applied directly to the wood, however, its appearance will not be uniform because of the differing porosities of the surface.  This condition can be avoided by first priming the wood with an oil based primer .
answered Aug 19, 2018 by admin
edited Jun 4, 2021 by admin