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Can RVRoofmagic level a small ponding area less than 1/4 inch deep?

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One slide out ponds less than a quart of water over a 2-3 square foot area. Will RVRoofmagic cure and level this area? Does it dry hard enough to NOT be scratched by a thumbnail?
asked Oct 15, 2018 in Liquid RV Roof Magic by Richard
edited Jun 3, 2021 by admin

2 Answers

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yes actually it will take ponding water 365 days a year

thank you
answered Oct 15, 2018 by admin
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I understand RVRoofmagic will completely protect the roof from pooled water once applied.

The question is 'will completely fill in the pond' to eliminate any standing water.

Can  RVRoofmagic be applied thick enough to fill in and displace all the pooled water? In my case less than 1/4 inch deep.
answered Oct 16, 2018 by anonymous
edited Jun 3, 2021 by admin