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how should I waterproof where valley flashing meets rubber gutter?

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I have a built-in gutter that is leaking at the point where the bottom of a valley flashing, which is metal, meets the gutter lining which is some sort of rubber. The lining near this spot is in a bad shape, causing a leak (I've done some temporary patching using cement). The rubber is just tucked under the flashing without any sealant, and this opening may also need to be closed.

I wish to cover this area so water can flow smoothly into the gutter without getting under the flashing. How should I do this? I'm thinking of using seam tape of some type and then covering the metal, the tape, and the rubber with Butyl liquid rubber, Is this ok, and do I need a primer?
asked Dec 31, 2018 in Liquid RV Roof Magic by Shawn
edited Jun 3, 2021 by admin

1 Answer

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Hi you do not need a primer  , we do sell at two sided butyl tape you can lay down in the seam areas first before applying the Butyl liquid rubber.

Thank you
answered Jan 10, 2019 by admin
edited Jun 3, 2021 by admin