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How to apply product

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How would I apply the product to a mobile home roof?
asked Jun 29 in Liquid Butyl Rubber by anonymous

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hello sure please see below

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A light power wash, if you have one, is great. Otherwise, use a good bristle brush. The roof must be clean, dry and free of any oil, grease, dirt or loosely adhered coating. Surface should be cleaned with Roof Protect to ensure proper adhesion. We suggest our Roof Protect to thoroughly clean your roof. It was field tested to be compatible with RvRoofMagic and provides a very deep cleaning vs standard cleaners. Roof Protect emulsifies contaminates and provides improved surface preparation by effectively removing oil, grease, mildew, dirt, and other soils from your roofing membrane. It also has a built in mildewcide to kill any living mold spores on your roof prior to application of the RvRoofMagic. You can also use Roof Protect annually to further protect your roof, allowing dirt and grease etc. to be removed, further extending your roof service life.

RvRoofMagic is applied at approximately 50 sq. ft per gallon. The easiest way to accomplish this is to chalk off your roof into 5 X 10 areas. Once you are done filling in one of those areas, you should be finished with a gallon of RvRoofMagic. Be sure your roof is perfectly dry before application. Many customers will tape off their roof with blue painter’s tape to avoid any possible running. RvRoofMagic is ready to use; thinning is not required. Mix for approximately five minutes with an electric drill mixer to allow the solvent to be distributed. Application of the product is with a medium nap roller (3/8 inch) (not a foam roller), and chip brush around corners and vertical surfaces. The product has a three-year shelf life as long as you affix the lid properly, so air does not get in. Average dry time: Dry to touch in 3 - 4 hours. Wait a full 24 hours before traveling. Should you choose to apply a second coat, wait 24 hours. Rain should not be in the forecast on the day you apply the product. However, should a very light rain fall within 2-3 hours of application, the roof is already protected. You may see rain dimples on the surface, depending on the strength of the rain. If seams are not properly adhered, it may cause the tape to bubble up or raise as will a rubber roof that has lost adhesion to the wood substrate. Applying the product too thick will cause it to wrinkle.

answered Jun 29 by admin