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Can this product be applied with an airless spray gun?

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Hi please find below the specifics of the spray equipment

The following recommendation is for Graco equipment. Other manufacturers with comparable pumps may also be used.

Liquid Rubber must be thinned with solvent to achieve a sprayable viscosity. See recommendations below.

Equipment capable of spraying Liquid Rubber

Pump ModelMax.
Graco GH7333500 psi3.0 gpm 1/2 inch150 feet
Graco GH364036000 psi3.8 gpm 1/2 inch150 feet
GunShould be rated for spraying mastics. A 30-40 inch tip extension is recommended
Tip Size .017 to .021 with a 12-inch fan width

Note: Do not use a “whip” between the hose and the gun. This reduces flow and pressure which results in poor atomization.

Thinning Liquid Rubber

The “as shipped” viscosity of Liquid Rubber is 34-37,000 cp which is too high for spraying. By adding one gallon of Xylene Solvent to a 5-gallon pail the viscosity drops to 10,000 cp at 75° F. More solvents may have to be added at lower temperatures.

The spray atomization can be improved using a smaller tip size or adding more solvent to reduce viscosity.

Wash solvent from previous pump cleaning can be used for thinning after it is strained to remove dirt.

answered Aug 10 by admin