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I have a 1500 sq foot concrete deck over our garage with embedded hydronic snowmelt (almost never used). There is a stubborn leak in one area. We've tried a concrete sealer/paint but it was too thin and brittle and did not adhere in some places but I don't think that is the problem but since I don't know the actual problem, who knows.  The deck has bituthene flamed down membrane underneath the concrete but the leak is in an area that didn't have the bituthene (removed barbecue).

My belief is that if I completely seal from the house out to the drip edge with this product, instead of counting on the membrane under the concrete, the waterproofing will be above the concrete and will form an impenetrable barrier.

So, the questions are. (a) Will this approach work (b) Can this material be used for a light duty walkable deck (residential). (c) There is one area with 1/2" pooled water in the winter/spring. (d) This is Lake Tahoe at 6500 feet so a fair amount of snow, temps between 5 and 95 degrees. (e) Is the surface slippery when wet? (f) Can it be colored tan. (g) Is it unattractive? (h) Can it be covered with pavers after a year or two of testing its water resistance?
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