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Can I paint the White, black or gray?

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Want to apply as a covered decking sealant. I've painted it with waxy sealant from HD then wanting something more durable, painted with marine grade oil based enamel two years later. Three years since the enamel needs to be rough sanded to remove brittle flakes on outer edge, your sealer applied  but as a flooring in Texas White is too revealing, gray is pretty bland and black would be revealing as well, probably scary at night walking across thirty feet of darkness.
asked Aug 11, 2015 in Other Uses by David

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hi david i would not suggest the liquid epdm on this application thank you.  You may consider a flexible epoxy type product thank you
answered Aug 11, 2015 by admin
Just a little more info about your product, Is traffic the / wear a problem? Not adhesion.
it does get slippery when wet and light traffic is fine but not for traffic such as porches
Thank you