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I have commercial bldg with EPDM(rubber) roof, rocks for ballast, can i use your coating of existing roof is cleaned?

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Roof is 10,000 SF flat, with rubber that has shrunk and pulling on the side walls.  I had planned on moving the rocks and prepping and laying a new 10ft x 100 ft rolls over existing EPDM.   Would your product do as well and hold up to careful re-installation of ballast?
asked Apr 27, 2016 in General by R Walker

2 Answers

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sure that is done all the time in fact during the curing process the liquid epdm will literally chemically bond itself to your existing epdm roof so essentially you are getting a new 18-20 year roof for a fraction of the cost of a tear off

Thank you
answered Apr 27, 2016 by admin
I have 15000 SFT EPDM roof installed by average guys and always get leaking complaints, Will this product fix all leaks and can buy 10 year leak warranty ? and will you guys install ? any specialist needed?
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yes it has been used many times on this type of application please give our sales dept a call at 610-298-1989 ext 1 they can go into detail on preparation and application procedures thank you
answered May 20, 2016 by admin