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Is Liquid RV roof compatible with Royal Roof EPDM rubber roof ?

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Is Liquid RV roof compatible with Royal Roof tm.  EPDM rubber sheet? It is on a 1999 Forest River Wildwood 25' 5th wheel. I called Rorest river they told me it was a EPDM rubber roof. Also wanting to find out correct way to prep, 4" Eternalbond  seam tape that I used to repair small tears on edges. I understand it needs to be sanded and coated with contact cement , would sanding and then coating with proflex primer work ? Or would I need to sand ,contact cement then proflex prime ?
asked Jun 11, 2018 in Liquid Roof by Allen C

1 Answer

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correct sand cement then prime.  if you have an existing epdm rubber roof then you can simply coat over that with the liquid roof

Thank you
answered Jun 11, 2018 by admin