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How should I seal the seam on an aluminum popup roof?

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I have a popup camper with an aluminum roof.  There is a seam that runs the length of the camper where two pieces of aluminum meet.  There is an piece of trim that covers the seam, but the sealant had failed.  I removed the trim, cleaned it and the roof.  If I plan to use Rvroofmagic on the whole roof, how should I treat the seam (install trim on top of caulk, butyl tape, before reinstalling the trim, after)?  

The aluminum roof also has numerous divots/dents from limbs, hickory nuts and hail over the years.  Is there something I can use before the RVroofmagic to fill in those dents/divots (i.e. smooth out the roof)?
asked Feb 17, 2019 in Preparation by seth_campbell
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Hello.  We have either sean tape or Rubex caulk on our order form for the seams.  Most customers prefer the caulk.

Thank you
answered Feb 18, 2019 by admin
edited Jun 8, 2021 by admin