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How should I seal the seam on an aluminum popup roof?

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I have a popup camper with an aluminum roof.  There is a seam that runs the length of the camper where two pieces of aluminum meet.  There is an piece of trim that covers the seam, but the sealant had failed.  I removed the trim, cleaned it and the roof.  If I plan to use Liquid Roof on the whole roof, how should I treat the seam (install trim on top of caulk, butyl tape, before reinstalling the trim, after)?  

The aluminum roof also has numerous divots/dents from limbs, hickory nuts and hail over the years.  Is there something I can use before the Liquid Roof to fill in those dents/divots (i.e. smooth out the roof)?
asked Feb 17 in Preparation by seth_campbell

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Hello we have either the butyl tape or Rubex caulk on our order form for the seams but most prefer the caulk

Thank you
answered Feb 18 by admin