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A New Roof For A fraction Of The Cost!
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A New Roof For A fraction Of The Cost!


About Us


EPDM Coatings has been focused on custom manufacturing of high-quality roofing sealants for over 30 years. Our products are based on a proprietary solvent that allows for a unique chemical cross-link to occur whereby the product chemically fuses itself to substrate it is being applied on. This creates an extremely strong bond and at the same time offers significant flexibility over the course of the product life cycle.

We ship throughout the USA as well as overseas and maintain a complete inventory of products which allows our customers to get their order in a timely fashion. Through the feedback we receive from our customer we make a conscious effort to improve on our products to ensure the same consistent quality our customer have grown to expect. Our focus is to provide added value to your roof and increase your overall return on investment in the process.

We offer and sell coating to the general consumer as well as contractors, roofers and building owners alike.

A sample of our product line is:

  • Residential/Commercial Roof Coating - Liquid Butyl Rubber
  • RV/Motorhome - RvRoofMagic
  • Pond/Fountain Sealer - Pondpro2000
  • Cleaning Agent - Roof Protect
  • Skylight Sealer - Skylight911