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When sealing your roof, one thing is clear; you want to get it right the first time round. Years of exceeding our customer expectations show that Butyl Liquid Rubber is the best choice for sealing your roof and fixing leaks.

Butyl Liquid RubberLet us take a look at some of the reasons that has made Butyl Liquid Rubber the best the world over. No roofing sealant can match the durability or longevity of our Liquid Butyl roof sealant; this is mainly because it is true commercial-grade Butyl and not an elastomeric coating water-based acrylic. Field testing has shown time and again that Butyl Liquid Rubber outlasts any elastomeric options, acrylic or urethanes three times over. Besides that, you can apply the same It is easy to apply and the curing process allows the liquid to slip into the smallest of cracks giving you an airtight layer. Furthermore, Butyl Liquid Rubber is water resistant within two hours of application giving you peace of mind should an unexpected light rain soon follow. As a homeowner, you will need to deal with roof repairs one time or another. Mainly due to separated seems, holes or damaged shingles. EPDM Rubber coatings has been proven by our customers to be the ONLY one coat product with a significant lifespan to roof surfaces. This is due to its unique catalyst curing process. It has superior performance against a wide range of temperatures, from -60 to well over 200° Fahrenheit. EPDM Liquid Rubber Coatings are used in many industrial applications due to its resistance to acids and chemicals as well. EPDM rubber roofing solutions have proved to be the best in the market.

Butyl Liquid Rubber comes in various colors, white (which is Energy Star qualified), Black, Grey. For orders over 50 gallons; Beige, Light Green, Light Blue, and Tile Red. You can have custom colors made with a minimum order of 200 gallons.

Butyl Liquid Rubber Roofing-Preventative Maintenance

It acts as a protective shield against cracks for existing sealants and caulks thus extending your roof's life. Some of our original customer have applied the product over 20 years ago with the original coating.

For bricks and concrete applications, it works very well on non-porous surfaces. For porous surfaces ask us about our compound products prior to the application of our Butyl Liquid Rubber. it is best to apply a coating of the ProFlex Primer which can be found on our order form. This fills any voids in porous bricks allowing you to then apply the Butyl Liquid Rubber.

A coating of Butyl Liquid Rubber is a very beneficial way of restoring an existing EPDM roof because it prevents further ageing and chalking. Butyl Liquid Rubber is solvent based, meaning you mix it with a pre-measured catalyst. For EPDM roof we suggest a very light coat (what we call a field coat) then followed up with the regular coat. This will provide better adhesion over time,

As a commercial-grade product we have put together a product that also requires no primers saving our customer both money and labor costs by a one-coat system over BUR roofs, asphalt- based substrates as well as roof that have been coated with a third-party coating.

Butyl Liquid Rubber Application For Large Surfaces

When coating larger roof surfaces with the seams and joints gaps bigger than 1/16", you might need reinforce the seams before applying our Butyl Liquid Rubber. Follow these instructions:

  • Prepare the surface intended by cleaning as directed on label.
  • Cut a strip of butyl tape (available on our order form) to cover holes, cracks, and defects.
  • Lay butyl tape on surface and coat


  • Use our polyester mesh fabric and use roller to flatten, as necessary.
  • Use Butyl Liquid Rubber to impregnate and saturate the polyester fabric. Once dry go over again with the Butyl Rubber to totally incapsulate the fabric in the product.
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