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A New Roof For A fraction Of The Cost!



EPDM Coatings warrants this product to be free of material defects. Product must be used for the intended use stated on the label and product data sheet, and applied to an approved roof surface, in sound condition with a reasonable life expectancy. If a product defect is found during the life of the existing roof, EPDM Coatings, within its sole discretion, provide replacement product to repair the affected area or prorate a portion of the purchase price of the defective product based on the claim.

Proper preparation, application procedures and curing conditions are required for correct results. Due to installation factors beyond our control, EPDM Coatings cannot guarantee product appearance, waterproofing or compatibility with existing roof. Warranty is void if materials other than EPDM Coatings products are installed over it. This limited warranty does not cover labor or installation costs, consequential damages or incidental damages.

Pictures within two weeks of application must be emailed to our office at info@epdmcoatings.com with subject line being our order number and the word warranty. Original receipt is also required.

Under no circumstances will the company be liable for any amount in excess of the product purchase price. Contact company to request replacement with purchase receipt. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY IS THE SOLE WARRANTY PROVIDED BY EPDM COATINGS TO THE PURCHASER. THERE IS NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE PROVIDED WITH THIS PRODUCT.