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A New Roof For A fraction Of The Cost!



Here are some pics from my completed project. I have a slightly sloped modified bitumen roof on the upper part of my house. There were no leaks in the old roof but i wanted to keep it that way with your product going over the top of the existing roofing. It is 400 sq ft. I ordered 8 gal of your black liquid butyl rubber and 1 gal of roof cleaner. I cleaned the roof. Let it dry. And applied the rubber with a paint roller and long handle. It went on very well and was an excellent project. Cleaning took 90 mins. Butyl application took 2 hours.

See the pics attached. First pic is cleaning, then before starting, then during application and finally 2 after completion. The white spots in the final pics are just sun reflections. Could not be more pleased. After I did my research, the solvent based Liquid BUTYL rubber looked to be the best. Also, the fact that there was no primer and you only needed one coat was a huge plus. Great customer service also.


This is an ongoing project consisting of 40,000 sq ft of metal roof. As you can see the metal is heavily rusted and with the Liquid Butyl Rubber there are no primers or rust treatment needed. As you can see it literally can be applied directly over this rusted roof. This allows our customer to save considerable time and money with our one coat process. The reason is our unique solvent that allows the Liquid BUTYL Rubber to literally chemically cross-link to the substrate it is being applied over. As the product dries it becomes one in the same with your existing roof. A unique chemistry we challenge you to fine in another coating. Our product has also been ASTM certified and with over a 25-year history of success has been the choice of thousands of satisfied customers around the world. For more information or wholesale pricing call 610-298-1989 ext. 9


EPDM Coatings Team

Responding to your before and after for AMEX: Thank you for a great product that has taken our old As Was roof with leaks to a water-tight barrier for our business!


Robert S. Hepler
Vice President
HT and C Enterprises


We finished our prep work around the entire roof. Amazing how the product self-leveled and it certainly has some teeth to it as it cures. We will be placing the big order for the entire roof in a few weeks.

Thank you, guys for all the help. By the way NOTHING compared to the Liquid Butyl Rubber vs the other products our engineer tested. We had tested 4 different products before we pulled the trigger on yours.


This Liquid Butyl is an amazing product for EPDM roof repairs. We've had our flat EPDM roof for over 10 years and have tried at least 5 different products that have all failed over time on lap seams and areas where water collects and then freezes over the winter. Each time some part failed, we kept adding more and more products to the seams and seams areas were getting thick and starting to disrupt rain flow. Somehow we were able to find EPDM Coatings after an exhaustive search, it was pure luck as search results mainly advertise larger box store brands. After cleaning the areas, the product went on smoothly and easily. We have covered over all of our multiple previous patches and finally have some peace of mind and stop worrying about leaks. Best of all is product conforms to the existing surface and does not add thickness.

B Zhou
Houston TX


Greg/Lenny, and Gang,

I am very impressed with your product. Our roof had severe leaks before. Obviously as a car dealer with a showroom we were very concerned that nothing had fixed them to date. We purchased your product and applied it earlier this year. We were very concerned last week as the remaining storm from hurricane/Tropical storm Ian just came through dropping over 2 inches of rain during that period. Happy to say the building is dry. Not one leak!

Initially our seams were the issue but decided to coat the entire roof while we were doing the project. SeamTight was applied to the seams, and we embedded the poly fabric into the seams let dry and then came back and coating the entire roof with the Liquid Butyl Rubber. Our AC areas were really bad, so we coated around those first with the SeamTight. Was very impressed with the way that the product self-leveled. We had tried the traditional products from the local stores. Elastomerics and acrylics but they did not hold up after a couple years plus most required primers. We considered silicone but when we found that it attracts dirt and looses it UV after a few years we continued our search. We tested your product on our 2nd floor area last year before we decided to coat the roof. It is true on the site what it says once this is down you are not peeling this up. Expecting to do our other roof next year that one is about 22,000 sq ft.

Thanks Again


Thanks, Terry, for submitting in your photos

We had a continual leak that plagued us for the last three years we tried other products but after several rains the leak always come back. This was a roof that was applied with an elastomeric coating about 18 months ago and started to peal in certain areas. We first took epdm coatings suggestion and reinforced the seams with their seam tape prior to applying our Liquid Butly Rubber. We also caulked around the joints with their Butyl MS Caulk and let dry overnight. The next day we applied the BLR at a rate of 50 sq ft per gallon. It was very clear from the beginning that this was a very different type of product. We had plenty time to work with it and it was very easy to apply. Much thicker that the last two products we used, and as we rolled the product, we could see the roller marks disappear and what remained was a very nice seamless membrane. I really looked like someone put a 400 sq ft single sheet of rubber on the roof. I was very confident at the time we applied the product that the seams will hold since the product adhered very well.

It has now been about a year, and we have yet to have a leak. Love the fact that there was no primer needed. The other brands after I told them we had an elastomeric said we needed a primer and two coats of their topcoat. Great tech support as well. I had called in a few times, and they picked up the phone and were there to assist. We will be a customer again. Already told our neighbor who I think already bought from you guys.


Existing EPDM roof was leaking. No visible signs of the leak. Prep work consisted of application of SeamTight along the seams prior to the application of the Liquid BUTYL Rubber. Product was applied at the rate of 230-250 sq ft per 5-gallon pail. Here are some photos of the job we did with your product. Thanks !

Best Regards,

Bluefin Exteriors, LLC


Thank you for your product. It turned out to be all you said it was and more. Now I am thinking about using on my new deck on my cabin in the Sequia mountain range.

These pictures (attached files) show you the 355 sq. ft. deck before application and after. The deck was covered with role roofing (which leaked). You can see that I applied a few gallons of cheap white elastomeric patch mostly to level it out where the roofing overlapped and then top-coated it with your Butyl Liquid Rubber. More than satisfied with the outcome and the ease of use. This house is nestled on a hillside which is approximately 15 miles inland from the ocean.

Terry B


I received the gallon of our product today, thank you. I just wanted to let you guys know, if you do not already, your product works EXTREMELY well for sound deadening on plastic. We have tried different products but found our solution. I am not sure exactly what kind of plastic it is (pictures attached). They are the covers for my bike. I applied one really thin coat, let it cure over night, then applied a coat approximately 5 - 7 mm, and then just let it sit for two days.

It got rid of all the rattling (vibration noise) in those covers.

Its awesome! Thanks again.