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Here are some before during and after pictures of our roof. As you can see the seams were really bad. We applied the tape around the perimeter and then applied the Butyl Liquid Rubber. It is now about 6 months since the application and it turned out great. The product did everything it said it would. Excellent support staff as well.

Henry C
Pittsburg, PA


Here are some before and after pictures of the roof on my 2006 Montana 2955RL fifth wheel camper. Your Rv Roof Magic product was easy to apply and we are VERY satisfied with the outcome. The roof looks so great. I cleaned the roof the other day after having applied RV ROOF Magic back in March and just using Dawn dishwashing liquid and a medium brush, the roof came back to its bright white finish. It looks like a brand new roof just amazing.

Everyone asks me what I used and I tell them about your product. They have seen other coatings but not like this one. My roof was not in bad condition but at 14 years old, I did not want to take a chance and I definitely DID NOT want to spend over $5000.00 for a new roof or another competitors applied roof system. For the money, I believe your product was and is the best on the market.


Mike T
Richmond VA


Customer has an existing epdm roof that was giving them problems for years. They decided to coat both underneath and on top of the epdm roof. In addition they ran the butyl tape down along the seams prior to the application of the Butyl Liquid Rubber. We followed up with the customer 15 day later. They told us three days ago a storm went thru and this was the first time they did not need a bucked inside their warehouse. What was interesting is that the water leak occurred approximately 25 feet away from where it was getting into the building.

Thank you


Hello all at EPDM coatings
Well it fixed the leak never found out where it was but finally leakproof one coat of the Butyl Liquid Rubber

Thank again

Bend Oregon


Overall, I am impressed with the results I obtained in using Liquid RV roof on my trailer. It was MUCH easier than replacing the membrane with new, and seems to have repaired my leaking roof, extending the life of my RV, as at some point, the cost of reroofing would exceed the RV's value.

Thanks in advance!
Dave H.


My roof was in bad shape. I cleaned it and kept after it a few times a year. We bought the RV used, and there were signs of neglect when we bought it. It had been obviously sitting in the sun for an extended period of time without any care or maintenance.

I was about to buy a sheet of EPDM and forego the labor intensive and very expensive task of replacing the sheet roof. Then I saw a video on Youtube for Butyl Liquid Rubber. So the research began. "This looks too good to be true", I thought to myself. But all the videos and customer testimonials couldn't be made up they came from so many different people.

So I decided to pull the trigger.
Ordered 6 gallons on a Thursday evening.
They were at my door Saturday morning. Already impressed by this product/company.

So application day came. I used all the tips and answers I found on the outstanding Q-A part of the webpage and put them to use.
I removed vent covers and cleaned the roof, as directed, with Dawn and bleach (2 cups for every gallon of water).
I mixed the 1 gallon first, to "cut in". Mixing took longer than stated, but I'm fine with that. I started at an easy area to get a feel for the product.

It brushes on fairly easy for being a thicker product. I used a thin, 4" roller for the areas under the roof rack.
Coverage from the 1 gallon did all the edges, under the roof rack, and some of the flat area.
Again, mixing the 5 gallon took a lot longer than stated, but again, I'm fine with that.
It spreads and rolls out pretty easy.
It's been a week now, and there were 2 areas I had concern about. 1 area had some "spider web" type cracking that has gone away with curing just like they said it would.
The other area had some air bubbles as soon as it was installed. They popped and left little pits in the coating. It appears now, a week later, that those pits are also dissipating as the roof cures. There is a lot of pollen on the roof, so I'm hoping that washes off easy and everything is good under it.
So far, I'm extremely happy with this product.
I love the fact you can go right over the edges and vent areas and make it a 1 piece roof.
Now you guys need to come up with and easy repair for oxidized fiberglass.


  1. fast shipping
  2. value
  3. ease of application
  4. covers edges and seals roof in 1 piece
  5. lots of videos and information on web site
  6. standard tools for application are available at any hardware store
  7. can be applied in a few hours


  1. mixing time is greatly understated in instructions
  2. 5 gallon can is heavy to carry up ladder
  3. strong odor when applying


  1. make sure roof is clean
  2. when moving to a new section, make sure that section is clean. I used a blow gun as I moved, and still have dirt.
  3. use a heavy duty drill when mixing
  4. have a helper to poor the catalyst in
  5. don't follow the time on the instructions for mixing
  6. if you are doing this in 1 day and don't have a helper to clean tools, buy 2 mixers.
  7. I didn't tape anywhere, but I wish I would have taped the skylight
  8. expect bugs to become a permanent part of your roof
  9. don't buy the very expensive tools. more than likely, you will be throwing them away
  10. have multiple pairs of gloves ready
  11. even if you don't have a question, read through the q-a section on the website.
  12. if you have a question and don't see the answer, ask it. they respond quickly
  13. clean the vent covers while you have them off
  14. if possible, use a rope to pull the 5 gallon can up to the roof

Thank you for a great product.


Mike H.
Reading, Pa


I was able to quickly find the 2 pictures I took after I patched the roof. I will continue to look for the before pictures, We have a flat roof with a channel down the middle that leads into a drain pipe system that has been our weak point area all along. Then we installed a sky light which was like adding gasoline to a fire. For years I was blaming the sky light that we installed. We even replaced portions of the sky light and sealed around it many times. We added more tar on top of tar but still leaked Then I decided to buy the Butyl Liquid Rubber liquid rubber product. Your instructions emphasized to remove lose gravel and clean the dirt away. I used a leaf blower to blow away the dust, man what a dust cloud. That when I was able to expose alligator type cracks in the tar that were not visible. So with the Butyl Liquid Rubber product I was able to bond the EPDM rubber mat material to the stone and tar part of the roof. This year I intend to attack (seal) those cracks by extending the EPDM coating further down the channel and up the sides

Thanks for having this product on the market

Tom Pituch
Property Manager
Christ the King Lutheran Church
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087


Two pictures are the before and then after using your product Liquid Rubber. Very pleased with the way it turned out! And also the shipping sure came quickly. Have a great and safe day!

Bob, Sally H.
Yuma AZ


The epdm rubber roof was easy to work with. I am very pleased after having a leaky roof that will be good for many years to come. Roof had mold on it so we first killed the mold with Clorox and water and scrubbed I down and then cleaned the roof with Dawn dish detergent.
Attached are the before and after pictures.

Rick M.


Staff at EPDM Coatings,

My 29, RV had a couple leaks, at the front where the aluminum and rubber roof came together under a molding, and under the radio antenna. I purchased the 5 gallon bucket. I mixed as directed, then poured mixed product into another clean bucket, scraped it clean, and mixed a few more minutes. After preparation, I applied the liquid rubber around all edges and roof fixtures, I poured small amounts out of the bucket onto the roof and distributed with squeegee or roller as needed, until product was gone and the roof was well coated. I have no doubts that my leaks are eliminated. Excellent coverage. It will roll on easier than using a brush. We had 2" of rain the following day. My troubled area was dry as I knew it would be. The product seems expensive, but considering the cost of a replacement roof and the problems solved, it is well worth it and adds value to your roof. One of the pictures shows the trouble area at the front, which currently has a small pool of water. No leaks!

A few things to consider when using this product.

  • It tends to string when using a brush, squeegee, paint roller, or pouring from the bucket. This is only a concern if you have vehicles parked nearby on a breezy day. The breeze will catch the fine strings and carry them to adjacent surfaces.
  • Have a second back-up broom handle for your roller. I broke the tip off of the first one at the roller, and had to go find another.
  • Wear shoes that can be discarded afterward.
  • WD-40 works well to remove the rubber from skin when finished.
  • If you mask any area, be sure to leave a tab of tape sticking up for easy removal, and do so before rubber begins to skin over.

I am very pleased with the results, and will share my experience.

Thank you!

Kevin Fowler




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