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Butyl Liquid Rubber (Retail) - Butyl Liquid Rubber is available in white or black. The standard white coating offers a reflectance rate of 87% for maximum UV protection and energy cost savings, but each of our other color options boasts a minimum solar reflectance of 70% as well. For residential and commercial roofing applications as well as Click here for approved listing of applications
Butyl Liquid Rubber (Retail) Coverage     Quantity Of Pails Price Amount
One Gallon - White
50 sq Feet
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One Gallon - Black
50 sq Feet
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4 Gallon Pail - White
200 sq Feet
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4 Gallon Pail - Black
200 sq Feet
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TPO Base Coat (For TPO Roofs ONLY)
450 sq ft
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Seam Tight- Seam Compound
N/A- 5 gallon pail
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Caulk - Innovative product that represents the next generation of sealant technology. Rubex has been field tested to be compatible and will not void the Liquid Roof/Liquid Rubber warranty. Each Tube will cover 15 linear feet.
Caulk Coverage     Quantity Of Pails Price Amount
Rubex Caulk ($14.75 each)

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Rubex Caulk (Buy 3 + Get 1 Free) Promotion Set

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Roof Cleaner - Roof Cleaner/Protect was field texted to be compatible with our product line and will not void the warranty. Roof Protect emulsifies contaminates and provides improved surface preparation by effectively removing oil, grease, mildew, dirt, and other soils from your roofing membrane. You can also use Roof Protect annually to further protect your roof allowing dirt, grease etc to be removed further extending your roofs service life.
Roof Cleaner Coverage     Quantity Of Pails Price Amount
Roof Cleaner/Protect - Gallon

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Fabric & Tapes & Accessories -
Fabric & Tapes & Accessories Coverage Includes   Quantity Price Amount
Seam Tape (2 inch X 50 Ft)
2 inch X 50 Ft
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Fabric KM-Mesh (2 in x 180 ft)
2 in x 180 ft
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Poly Fabric (6 in x 180 ft)
6 in x 180 ft
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Gallon Mixer

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