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A New Roof For A fraction Of The Cost!


Cold Weather Application

Are you experiencing cold temperatures this time of year? Well, the great news is in addition to all the other benefits of Liquid Butyl Rubber you see on our website, it is NOT affected by freezing temperatures during the drying process! What that means is that you can apply Liquid Butyl Rubber further in the season than any other product.

Day one of the applications needs to be above 50 degrees for at least 4 hours so the product waterproofs. The surface needs to be perfectly dry as dew points will affect the surface dryness. Now here is the great part. Once applied night temps can literally fall to freezing and the product will not be affected. It simply won’t continue to cure until it gets above 50 during the day again. This is a huge advantage thanks to our proprietary solvent, it’s unlike anything out on the market !!