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In May of 2016, I researched EPDM coatings and all other systems of RV rubber roof repair. I ended up calling EPDM coatings and they suggested I would need 6 gallons of the RV roof magic coating, and since being old and retired the price of nearly $350.00 was scary until I went to a nearby RV service chain and got quoted $7,000.00 to replace the roof. In the accompanying photos you’ll see the roof condition Before we started (we, meaning a couple of guys I hired to help. I did tell I was old?) and repairs to soft spots I made (Old not dead) and then the finished product was applied. I didn’t get to do it until this year (May 2017) due to unforeseen circumstance last year.

Right after we finished, my wife and I made our annual trek to the state of Vermont to run “Nana & Papa” camp for our 3 grandchildren. This year, the weather in Vermont was the coldest and WETTEST I’ve seen in a long time. everybody in the campground was complaining about Leaks. OH YEAH, except me, the driest I’ve ever been in my 17-year-old motorhome that I purchased used. I have nothing but great things to say about EPDM Coatings and their staff. I still have an unused gallon left and threw out about another gallon. The unused gallon will be for future touch ups (which I’m sure there’ll be). It goes on thick (hire a young and strong boy) when you squeegee the roof out. Get at least a 1/2-inch drill to mix it and hang onto the bucket this stuff can fly when the bucket spins out of control. Get a lot of vinyl coated heavy gloves. I suggest both Lowes and Home Depot (went thru a pack of each). Before you start, clean the roof well, I used “Dawn” & Clorox and a scrub brush and then a light weight (Harbor freight) pressure washer. I would guess my total investment including hired labor was between $1,200.00 and $1,500.00 but it’s the best investment in my motorhome I’ve made. If anything develops, I’ll update, so if you don’t hear from me, that’s a good thing.

All in all, I’m extremely happy with the rv roof magic it saved a fortune. Now since the outside looks so good my wife wants the inside redone, it never ends.

Thanks again

Ron G.
North Bennington VT

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