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A New Roof For A fraction Of The Cost!


ROOF REPAIR WITH Liquid Butyl Rubber

To Repair Rips & Tears on Sheet Rubber

  • Make a round or oval cut around damage and remove piece.
  • Use removed piece as a pattern to cut a replacement patch from new rubber.
  • Re-glue any loose edges where damaged piece was removed using contact cement.
  • Use scissors to trim approx 1/16 from edge of new patch from 2.
  • Glue trimmed new patch into cut-out using contact cement. A gap will remain between patch and existing rubber.
  • Clean new patch plus 4 inches around it by wiping area with paint thinner, xylene or lacquer thinner.
  • Fill gap with Rubex caulk. Apply a raised bead to allow for shrinkage. Let caulk cure overnight.
  • Brush apply one coat of Liquid Butyl Rubber over patch and 2 inches beyond. Repair may be reinforced with polyester fabric if desired.

The above procedure results in a low profile. Seamless repair with identical weathering properties of original roof.

Time needed 1-2 hours depending on size of damage
Liquid Butyl Rubber Dry time to 2-3 hours