Metal of Honor

A New Roof For A fraction Of The Cost!
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No Primer Needed and One Coat!


A New Roof For A fraction Of The Cost!




  • Metal - coated or galvanized steel, weathered aluminum
  • EPDM rubber, Hypalon, Butyl and Alpha rubber membranes
  • TPO-Must be aged five years.
    1. TPO must be cleaned specifically with Roof Protect found on our site
    2. TPO must have remaining service life. TPO scrim must not be visible throughout the field of the roof.
    3. Surface must be dry. Any of these could cause the material to blister/wrinkle
  • Concrete (except foot traffic surfaces)
  • Urethane foam
  • Primed wood Any original roof that has been coated with and elastomeric or acrylic product
  • Asphalt-Torch down
  • Fiberglass
  • BUR
  • Weathered steel siding
  • Weathered fiberglass
  • Weathered standing seam and corrugated metal roofs
  • Weathered vinyl
  • Foam insulation for pipe
  • Cast concrete foundations
  • For Recreational Vehicles. Motorhomes you must use RV Roof Magic