A New Roof For A fraction Of The Cost!
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The ONLY Product You will Need to Fix Your Leaks!
No Primer Needed and One Coat!

A New Roof For A fraction Of The Cost!




  • Metal - coated or galvanized steel, weathered aluminum
  • EPDM rubber membrane-Flash coat and main coat at 45 sq ft per gallon
  • TPO - Requires our bonding primer prior to the Butyl Liquid rubber
  • Concrete (except foot traffic surfaces)
  • Urethane foam
  • Primed wood Any original roof that has been coated with a 3rd party coating
  • Asphalt-Torch down
  • Fiberglass
  • BUR
  • PVC sheet and pipe
  • Weathered steel siding
  • Weathered fiberglass
  • Weathered standing seam and corrugated metal roofs
  • Weathered vinyl, PVC and polycarbonate plastic
  • Foam insulation for pipe
  • Cast concrete foundations
  • For Recreational Vehicles. Motorhomes you must use RV Roof Magic