What Is an EPDM Roofing System?

You’ll find an incredible number of roofing systems out there today, from conventional shingles to tile, slate and more. One that you might not be aware of is EPDM roofing. It’s primarily designed for commercial and industrial use, but it’s beginning to see use in numerous other areas, including RVs and travel trailers, flat residential roofing and other low-slope roofing applications. What is EPDM and why should you know about it?

What’s EPDM All About?

EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer – rubber, in other words. However, this isn’t the same rubber found in car tires or toy balls. This rubber is specially designed and engineered for several characteristics, including:

  • The ability to maintain elasticity over time, even with exposure to high heat and UV rays
  • The ability to withstand moisture, even in ponding situations, such as those found on commercial and industrial roofs
  • The ability to be easily installed and sealed

EPDM comes in long sheets, and each sheet must be sealed to the one beside it. This is done with a rubber roofing sealant. The same sealant can be used to make spot repairs to the EPDM material if it’s punctured or develops a leak.

Not Just Commercial Applications

While EPDM roofing has been heavily used in commercial and industrial applications, it’s also being adopted by the residential housing industry. There are several products on the market that can be used with residential homes and they are particularly beneficial for flat and very low slope roofs, such as carports and other areas where there is little to no roof pitch. This includes dormers, home extensions, garages, garden sheds and other outbuildings, and a great many others.

RVs and Travel Trailers

An EPDM roofing system is very lightweight, but very resistant to weathering, which makes it an ideal solution for use in RV and travel trailer manufacture. If you have purchased an RV or trailer in the past decade or so, chances are good that it has an EPDM roof, rather than a metal roof. In fact, most RVs stopped using metal roofs a long time ago because of the problems inherent with rust and corrosion. Because EPDM can be easily repaired and replaced, EPDM roofing solutions offer more affordable maintenance and greater longevity for RVs and travel trailers.

Repairing EPDM Roofing

As mentioned, one of the reasons that EPDM roofing has been so heavily adopted is its ease of repair. Unlike conventional roofing systems, EPDM roofing solutions can be repaired with liquid rubber in most instances. Even serious damage only requires installing new rubber roofing in most instances. However, because of its resistance to weathering, it lasts much longer than other roofing systems on the market.

EPDM roofing systems are strong, durable and affordable, providing commercial, industrial and residential buildings with quality roofing that stands the test of time. If your home or business is in need of new roofing, contact a reputable roofing company that specializes in EPDM roofing installation.