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What Our Customers Are Saying!

Thanks Brian. I'm just going to order me a gallon to start. Your rapid replies to my inquires make me know that you have confidence in your product. So, that gives me the confidence to try it out.

J Odom (TX)


We did a lot of research about finding the right product to fix our tin gutters. We had tried many products over the years and they either wouldn't cure in enough time and would eventually peal. When we tried Liquid Roof, it was love at first sight! It spread on smooth and filled in all of the cracks and folds completely tight. It's been through winter and spring and has held up remarkably with no sign of wear.

Dannie G. (Louisville, KY)


Thank-you for your speedy reply. I really love your product and fully recommend it to all RV owners.

Jeff. P (Purchase NY)


Very well worth the wait. As promised would be glad to tell all of the wonderful experience with your product. Quite easier than the EPDM sheet rubber regarding installation. Hope to be a long customer of yours. Cheers All!

Erickson Industries, U.K.


Thanks to all for the very informative info. It made our decision easier. After discussing with several roofing companies we found that your product as promised did not require a primer nor a second application. We saved about a $1.10 per sq foot. Next month the second building!.

D. StJames (Burbank, CA)


We looked at many products before making our decision and we though yours was the most expensive, as it turned out it was the cheapest. Donna walked us through the whole deal. What the contractor originally wanted to do was going to require us to set a primer down first then the tar roof and gravel. We saved over $3500.00 just in the labor alone. Wish we know about your product two years ago when we built our warehouse. Thanks for returning our calls, it's like pulling teeth to get a return call from some of the other companies out there!

T.S. Industries (California)


We have had quite a time resurfacing flat roofs here and happy to say you product appear to be our solution. More to come. Cheers and thanks to the quick reply of all our e-mails.

J Beckett (England)


Ordered a gallon and used it on the worst part of a 13 year old rubber roof, I am now buying 4 Gal. to try to do the rest. I highly recommend your product and if anyone wants to know about it I would be glad to chat with them about it.

R. Z (Rockport, TX)


Hi--got a 5 gallon pail the other day it fixed the leak but now the water has shifted sideways--YOUR STUFF IS GREAT---SO WHAT HECK WITH 15 GALLONS I"LL DO THE REST OF THE ROOF. WISH I HAD ENOUGH MONEY TO DO THE WHOLE HOUSE

J. King (Englewood, TN)


I just put the Liquid Rubber on yesterday the 16th of Feb. and I was amazed how smooth it got, at first I was a little worried but it sealed and is the most wonderful stuff. I want to do the roof of my horse trailer with this product. Thank You for the wonderful product. I think the quarts would be wonderful for a patch.

E. Crouse (Norco, CA)




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