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A New Roof For A fraction Of The Cost!




Last week I applied some of your liquid rubber coating to the rubber membrane roof on our facility. We are not doing a full roof coating at this time, but we are using the liquid rubber to solve some leak problems.

I must say that your product is as easy to work with as your website indicates. We spent a few hours removing gravel and then cleaning the area to be coated. After the area was dry, the liquid was mixed with the product and then applied using both paint brushes and rollers. For those interested, the consistency of the liquid rubber is almost exactly that of marshmallow Fluff. It looks the same and has the same texture, and is just as sticky as Marshmallow Fluff! However, the liquid rubber went down very easily, both by brush and with the rollers. The job was quick and simple. And the next rain will tell us if we have finally resolved the roof leaks.

My only disappointment was in the butyl tape. We found that very difficult to get good adhesion to the roof. Those areas that were very flat accepted the butyl tape much better than any area with even a slight amount of texture or unevenness to the surface. And I really do not understand why the butyl tape has adhesive on both sides. I think it would have gone down much easier if the adhesive had only been on one side.

However, that is a minor complaint. Overall I am very happy with your product. I am attaching a couple of pictures of areas before and after application of the liquid rubber. 24 hours before the "BEFORE" pictures, each of these areas was covered in 2" to 3" of gravel. The hardest part of the job was moving the gravel away from the areas which we planned to coat.

Thank you for an excellent product.

Curtis D. Dickinson

Facility and Equipment Manager
Epiworks, Inc.
1606 Rion Drive
Champaign, Illinois 61822

217-373-1590 x203 (Office)


I liked EPDM , It Has Body ! it's like one big blanket. 5gls. Worked perfectly for a 33ft.


Our roof if now complete. As you know this was a two year project. We have a 25,000 ft roof with numerous other coatings on it. 25% built up with at least 4 coats of elastomeric and 25% metal with a Dicor product that we kept reapplying and the other 50% original metal. We tackled the first two parts using your proflex primer and then the Butyl Liquid Rubber rubber. After two years it passed with flying colors we did the job ourselves so I am sure it took longer than it needed but we were extremely relieved and a little surprised that the roof did not leak the first winter after application. Normally that is when we encounter our leaks due to the expansion and contraction of the metal against the coatings. You sales manager will remember me for sure because I was highly skeptical with yet another product claiming to end all roof leaks and also that yours was not so reasonable. To any customers reading this here is a valuable money lesson I learned; if you need brain surgery find the best doctor you do not want to repeat that operation. This is true for my roof for years we kept spending money on top of money for cheap coatings not to mention my staff time up on the roof. This Butyl Liquid Rubber is not cheap but after my lesson do you really want a CHEAP roof product? I basically spend $1.28 per square foot with this product and over the past 5 years over $5.75 with the other products. Hope this helps those out there with the same situation we were in. Sorry guys I did promise pictures but we can not seem to find them.

R. Patel

R and K Distributors


My initial feedback is that the stuff is excellent. A real money saver for me as the leaking roof on my 1985 Coachman was making the RV nearly unusable. It did thicken a bit faster than I thought, and it hasn't rained on the roof yet, so my glowing review is only preliminary. So, at this point your product is batting a thousand. My motorhome is 23' long and /- 10' wide, but one gallon nearly covered the entire roof, which was leaking like a head wound. I'll take a few pics of the uncovered portion and the covered end, then send them to you. The product may have added years of life to a very old RV.



I put your primer and finish coat on and it is holding up like iron. my trailer roof was a 1974 18 feet long. pealing real bad. I cleaned it and primed it and finshed coated it in one day. I am a retired painter best product for the money I have ever used thank you scott

Rockford Michigan


I just wanted to let you know that I placed my order in the early afternoon on Tuesday the 29th and the order was at my door today Wed. the 3oth.late morning. Less than 24 hours is just incredible service. Thank-you for your great service. I also talked to Greg a couple of times with questions about the product and he was very helpful with all my concerns. Can't wait to use the product and thanks again for everything.

Craig M
Dayton OH


While I was not familiar with this product until recently...I have over 25 years working as a painter in residential and commercial and have used many different types of products. This product is not unlike some of the commercial products I have used (Epoxies, etc.) except for one thing. If you mix it all at once intending to use it up within the suggested pot life (4 hours) it will thicken up as it sits longer in the container (temperature does affect it) and become more difficult to spread around even more so as compared to some epoxies I have used in the past.

Mixing. It takes at least a 1/2 inch drill and mixing bar to fully mix the product into the liquid rubber paint. Instructions say to use the mixing bar while spinning it to make a vortex in the paint as you add the product so it is mixed completely. It also say's not to let any of the product pool on top of the paint so having a partner pouring the product into the paint while another person mixes it is the way to go. My wife had gone on a errand so I was pouring and mixing at the same time which was difficult and clumsy. Do yourself a favor and have two people do the mixing together. You'll thank yourself later!

My wife and I were painting our 5th wheel trailer roof with this product and knew we could work quickly enough to mix the product (16 ounces) into the full amount (5 gallons) in the 5 gallon bucket and finish painting the roof before the 4 hours pot life was up. One thing that we experienced was after spending over an hour cutting in all around the roof vents...air conditioner...roof edges...etc...we noticed that the material becomes thicker and is more difficult to spread with the paint brush. Of course the directions also indicate that warmer temperatures will affect the performance of the material (faster cure rate in warmer temps) so keep that in mind when mixing up what you need to use for cutting in and what you need for spreading out on the entire surface of the roof with a squeegee and a paint roller. We poured the product out of the bucket onto the roof in measured sections (45 sq. ft. per gallon) to get the amount we needed to spread around more easily. I highly recommend using a squeegee to first spread the material around to get it where you want it and then use the paint roller to level it off and help make it more uniform in thickness (20 mils recommended) by the manufacturer. We bought a nice wide squeegee at Wal-Mart for around $7.00 and tossed it when finished as it was not useable after being exposed to this product (very sticky stuff!) The temperature on the day we began working on the roof was around 70 degrees and when we finished up it was around 85 degrees. Naturally after the rubber paint and product had been mixed together for a few hours and the temps had gone up the material had thickened even more so it was even harder to spread around the surface of the roof using the squeegee and paint roller. This is by no means a complaint of any kind since the finish product came out very well and looks like it will hold up for a long time. It's a note to let anyone know who is looking to use this product to mix your cutting in material first and use that up and then mix up the rest of the paint and product needed to finish up with so it's not sitting too long and becomes thicker and harder to spread around.

The smell. After spending many years being exposed to many kinds of harsh chemicals while in the painting trade I now seem to have some issues with odors from many different types of chemicals...including odors from this product as well. As the work went on and the temps rose I began to feel a little woozy from the odor/chemicals in the liquid rubber paint. The 5th wheel was parked out in the open air and we had fresh air to breath....except...there was no breeze that day so the odors had time to build and cause both my wife and I to dislike the odor and feel the effect from the chemicals. I would think placing a fan near where you're working would help with that if you cannot stand it but it didn't affect us until we were at the end of the project so again it's likely there is something you could do to protect yourself (wear an approved OSHA paint mask) with chemical cartridges to avoid the odor and you'll be fine. That or even a nice breeze would help.

We took the time to properly clean the roof before starting this project and there were no surprises while putting the product down other than what has been mentioned about the odor. We removed all of the roof vents (covers) and also the air conditioner cover but left the air conditioner in place since the roof underneath it was in decent shape so cleaning was all that was needed. We did repair a tear on one edge of the roof with Eternabond tape and had caulked it weeks prior to painting the roof so the caulking was properly cured out and ready to accept the paint. The color of the paint is bright white and has a nice gloss finish to it which may decrease over time due to the elements.

The square footage on the roof of the 5th wheel trailer measured right at 200 square feet so we thought a 5 gallon pail of this product would just be enough to cover the entire surface at the recommended 20mils thickness at 40 to 46 square feet per gallon. Our experience was that we had the 20mils thickness applied over the entire roof and we still had about 1 1/3 gallons left in the bucket when finished. I am not sure why we had so much material left and we were both surprised there was that much remaining. I wondered if it was due to the product thickening up as it sat for the period of time it did before being used and still gave us the needed coverage? Also, our roof was very smooth so no porous surface to soak it up which would take more material. I can't answer why we had that much left over.

After we applied the liquid rubber roof paint I checked on the roof the next day to see how it was curing. It had a tacky feel to the surface. You wouldn't want to walk on the roof as it would destroy the product. I checked on the roof each day for one week and day by day I could tell it was getting less tacky and curing out more each day. About the 5th day it was dry and you could walk on it if the need was there. We left it set for one week before walking on the roof to install all of the covers and survey how it looked. It really does look nice and solid as we had hoped it would and is a nice bright white which should help on sunny days to reflect the heat away.

I would buy this product again and have recommended it to my friends who are looking for this type of material to paint their RV roofs with. Considering what it costs to completely re-do an RV roof....buying all new rubber and the removal of the old roof and installation of the new roof...this is certainly the way to go since it duplicates the same rubber material already installed on the roof and simply adds to it making it a much easier job of roof care and much less cost. Check out videos on the Internet and on YouTube and you will see it's not that hard to do and will add years to your rubber roof. Also check out the vendors website and read up on the product before you purchase so you know all about it before you buy it. Apparently there are some RV's that have a certain type of rubber roof on them that this product is not compatible with so do your homework before you buy!

Cary A
Albion,WA USA


I read everything I could find about rubber roofing for a motor home. This product had the most information and great reviews. Well, I jumped in with all 4's (hands and feet) and ordered it. It came very quickly. After spending a week doing the cleaning and sealing on the motor home roof, I was ready to give it a go.

I am a 60 year old woman.. yep.. got spunk too. I ordered the mixing paddle, eternabond, sealant.. and everything I needed to do it. The ONLY thing I didn't buy was a large drill.. (big mistake) my drill could not do the job so I had to mix it in batches. It took a long time mixing from one bucket to another and then adding together and mixing more.. etc. etc. until I got it all mixed to one color (whew)

You have to realize, Murphy love me. When doing the roof it was going GREAT... spreading with a squidgy and rolling with the roller like the videos showed. The bad thing is I bought a cheap roller and got just what I paid for. It kept falling apart.. the roller would come off the holder. Finally I had enough of that and tossed it off the roof. Well, that leave the squidgy with the long handle... I spread it out slowly and evenly without any problem ... then at the very end on the motor home, I now have myself ready to finish it off and get down the ladder. I dropped the squidgy and no way to get down and back up SO.. guess what I did... nope, you can't guess this one.. I got on my hands and knees and finished that last bit with my HANDS.. lol.. I DO NOT suggest anyone doing this. I now have it all over me and getting off the roof got it on the ladder and everywhere I touched. I hope your laughing because now that I am finished and it looks GREAT.. I can laugh. At the time I wanted to cry BUT.. THIS IS NOT A ONE PERSON JOB... YOU NEED A SPOTTER JUST IN CASE YOU DROP THINGS(smiling)

he roof turned out great so it has to be pretty much fool proof.. I love the result and would certainly tall anyone to buy it. Just rent, borrow, buy but DO get a large drill like everyone stresses... AND buy a roller that is better than mine,Use gloves (in case you need them at the end) and do make sure someone is around to help if necessary. The product is very nice.. looks great and I am expecting it to last as long as I have the motor home.. Live and learn.. read and really learn!

R. Dempsey
Austin TX


EPDM coatings had asked us to put together a summary of a project we completed three years ago in Connecticut. The project consisted of recoating an existing 15,000 sq. ft. epdm roof. Approx. age 14 years. The existing roof began chalking and retaining water in many areas. Also significant separation within the seamed areas had developed. Our crew first power washed and vacuumed the entire roof. Next day we came back and sealed off all separated seams with the two sided Butyl tape and did all our prep work around the seams, chimney's etc. Total project took 74 of the 5 gallon pails cost of materials was approx. $1.32 per square foot. Two other systems we explored was an acrylic elastomeric requiring two coats of material cost .55 per square foot so essentially 1.10 for the two coats and a butyl coating that require a primer. Both products there were at $1.43 a square foot. This does not include labor just material costs. Labor costs would have been about 2.2 times higher with the other products. We had spent two months over the summer going back and forth with the owner and researching what we were going to use for this roof and we had specific marching orders from the owner. They wanted a one coat system, did not want to have issues with ponding water and did not want to have to come back in a few years to repair it. After this first job we do not use any other product; hands down. There are many reasons but in the interest of time here you go. First it is the only roofing product in the U.S that is warrantied on flat roof against ponding water and that right was the deciding factor. It is not some cheap water based acrylic or elastomer I think we all know how those work essentially recoating them every 2-4 years. The Butyl Liquid Rubber cures by product and as it cures the Butyl Liquid Rubber will chemically bond itself to the roof you are applying it on. We have not seen any product with that type of chemistry and bonding properties without giving up any tensile strength. This is why it can claim its 18-20 year life expectancy. It really is the only roofing material we have seen that immediately waterproofs. On our third day late in the evening we had a shower come through and we needed to stop for the day. We called the company with our concerns since we thought the material that was not dry was a total loss. We came back the next afternoon and the water evaporated and the product continued to cure. In addition a portion of that area is where the owner had a nasty leak which by the way stopped even though the product did not have sufficient time to dry. If your client is looking for solid performing product that you'll never have to worry about getting a call from them saying the roof is leaking then this is it. If your client is just looking for the cheapest thing to coat your roof this is not the product and my suggestion is to run from that potential customer you can not use cheap materials and expect them to hold up for any length of time; it is just not worth the reputation all of us work so hard to develop over the years.

Toplevel Rofing


Absolutely amazing product! Had a leak in the roof of my camper and when I went up to inspect it found the whole top had failed ( this is a 3 year old roof and no longer under warranty, in fact the manufacturer went out of business and filed bankruptcy ) Not wanting to spend $2500 to replace the whole rood I started looking online for a product to cover the roof. It looked like a spider web of cracks, not just one or two leaks. I considered everything from Rhino Liner to gluing a huge sheet of rubber over the existing roof. So glad I searched and came across this product. Was as easy to spread on as spreading glue with a trowel, coated really well and coverage was great!! Best part? NO MORE LEAKING inside the camper. A $60 gallon of this Butyl Liquid Rubber salvaged a $20,000 camper in an afternoon. Well worth the money!!

Lori C.