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EPDM coatings had asked us to put together a summary of a project we completed three years ago in Connecticut. The project consisted of recoating an existing 15,000 sq. ft. epdm roof. Approx. age 14 years. The existing roof began chalking and retaining water in many areas. Also significant separation within the seamed areas had developed. Our crew first power washed and vacuumed the entire roof. Next day we came back and sealed off all separated seams with the two sided Butyl tape and did all our prep work around the seams, chimney's etc. Total project took 74 of the 5 gallon pails cost of materials was approx. $1.32 per square foot. Two other systems we explored was an acrylic elastomeric requiring two coats of material cost .55 per square foot so essentially 1.10 for the two coats and a butyl coating that require a primer. Both products there were at $1.43 a square foot. This does not include labor just material costs. Labor costs would have been about 2.2 times higher with the other products. We had spent two months over the summer going back and forth with the owner and researching what we were going to use for this roof and we had specific marching orders from the owner. They wanted a one coat system, did not want to have issues with ponding water and did not want to have to come back in a few years to repair it. After this first job we do not use any other product; hands down. There are many reasons but in the interest of time here you go. First it is the only roofing product in the U.S that is warrantied on flat roof against ponding water and that right was the deciding factor. It is not some cheap water based acrylic or elastomer I think we all know how those work essentially recoating them every 2-4 years. The liquid epdm cures by catalyst and as it cures the liquid epdm will chemically bond itself to the roof you are applying it on. We have not seen any product with that type of chemistry and bonding properties without giving up any tensile strength. This is why it can claim its 18-20 year life expectancy. It really is the only roofing material we have seen that immediately waterproofs. On our third day late in the evening we had a shower come through and we needed to stop for the day. We called the company with our concerns since we thought the material that was not dry was a total loss. We came back the next afternoon and the water evaporated and the product continued to cure. In addition a portion of that area is where the owner had a nasty leak which by the way stopped even though the product did not have sufficient time to dry. If your client is looking for solid performing product that you'll never have to worry about getting a call from them saying the roof is leaking then this is it. If your client is just looking for the cheapest thing to coat your roof this is not the product and my suggestion is to run from that potential customer you can not use cheap materials and expect them to hold up for any length of time; it is just not worth the reputation all of us work so hard to develop over the years.

Toplevel Rofing


Absolutely amazing product! Had a leak in the roof of my camper and when I went up to inspect it found the whole top had failed ( this is a 3 year old roof and no longer under warranty, in fact the manufacturer went out of business and filed bankruptcy ) Not wanting to spend $2500 to replace the whole rood I started looking online for a product to cover the roof. It looked like a spider web of cracks, not just one or two leaks. I considered everything from Rhino Liner to gluing a huge sheet of rubber over the existing roof. So glad I searched and came across this product. Was as easy to spread on as spreading glue with a trowel, coated really well and coverage was great!! Best part? NO MORE LEAKING inside the camper. A $60 gallon of this liquid roof salvaged a $20,000 camper in an afternoon. Well worth the money!!

Lori C.


Hi all ok as promised I have sent you the attached photos of the project. I applied the proflex primer and the liquid rubber to my roof. You can see that the roof is and l- shaped structure and actually is a dog house connection type. Previously aluminum flashing would only hold up for a season due to the expansion during the winter months. Believe it or not even though nailed down with so much cement and they still came undone. I really should have found guys a long time ago you would have saved me hundreds doing it the first time right. Anyway so 5 rain storms later and 3 moths and no leaks. Mission accomplished. Also thank you to your sales staff they were always there to assist in instruction even though I was a little guy in comparison to your regular customers All the best

Thank you
John W
Kennesaw GA


It has been 4 years now since we had applied the product and really enjoy that we no longer worry about calling a roofer. So for those of you wondering if you should purchase the product the answer is yes. We were amazed that it literally stopped the leaks right after it was applied. Two days later we actually got a pretty bad storm through and zero leaks. The first time in about two years my wife tells me. Down in Texas we get our fair share of hot weather and we thought that the material would not hold up to the temperature swings but we really have nothing but good things to say about the product and the people there. When we received the product we had our share of questions and the sales staff took the time to really make sure we understood the product and did it right. Thanks to everyone at epdmcoatings.com

Bill D
Houston TX


First I want to apologize for the video we forgot all about it. But I wanted to be sure epdm gets the feedback they deserve so I am happy to write you this letter of recommendation. It has been about 6 months since we installed the material on our home. About 50% was on an existing epdm roof and the other 50%; on our older area was put on rolled roofing. You said we needed to put the primer on that area first. We must have tried every sealer out there and nothing seemed to work. Well after 4 years of disappointment our roof finally finally does not leak. On another note we also wanted to thank your company for the time you took in answering so many questions. Your sales staff there was very patient and quite frankly made the decisions much easier. You have a cheerleader now for your product.

The Humphries
Dallas TX


Top Level Inc has over 30 years of interior remodeling, commercial and residential construction and roofing experience across Europe and North America, Specializing in Asphalt, Metal, Wood shingles, Concrete, Ceramic, Slate, Roll roofing, Rubber roof, Flat roof and also Built-up roofing such as Tar and gravel roofs. Top Level Inc brings a high level of craftsmanship and guarantees quality satisfaction every time. So when it comes to protecting your home and business from wind and rain, Top Level Inc. can take care of all your needs. After Using EPDM liquid rubber roof coating I was very impressed with how durable the product was and how fast I could complete the job. The staff at EPDM coatings went above and beyond. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone with a roof repair project and we are now diehard customers.

Mariusz Lozowski


I done a lot of research online before I decided to go with Liquid Roof. I have to say that I am very glad that I did. The product was easy to use. This is definately a Do It Yourself Project. I did find a couple things that will help you with your application. If at all possible use two people. Even though one person can do this project it is so much easier with two. Wear gloves, it can be a messy job. I am very happy with the ease of use and the outcome of this project. The temperature was about 52 degrees when doing the roof and has now set for three days. It is still a little tacky but with the cool temps we have had that is to be expected. The warmer it is the faster it will cure out. I will 100% for sure use this product again and reccommend it to my fellow RV'ers

Duane Hess

London, KY

Duane Hess


This product is great. It was a little harder to put on then I thought it would be. Once it has dried it covered our older roof very well. I would recommened this product to other RV people.

Eric T Morrow


Greg and Lou,

Wanted to reach out to you and express my gratitude the project came out just great. Everything you said exactly. Not saying that I did not believe you guys but there is a lot of cheap stuff out there. Well worth the price knowing that in 18 years from now it will still be worry free. It is actually quite amazing when it fully dries it looks like the liquid epdm was part of the manufacturing process when the metal was made. My compliments to your knowledgeable staff and thanks for taking the time to understand my specific situation and give me the guidance. Not an easy trait to find in companies today.

Thanks again

NJB Carpentry


Hi Kellie,

I spoke with Craig about my new roof. He told me to send you these pictures to receive a gift card.

My RV is a 1989 Georgie Boy Cruise Master. The roof was supposedly repaired when I bought it. However the repairman did not do a good job as the roof started lifting up while going down the interstate. After repairing the weak areas the leaks started. The entire front half of the ceiling was destroyed. Last summer I removed all the cabinets, and ceiling, then replaced it along with new insulation and roof trusses. I sealed the entire roof with some elastomeric, a competitors inferior product. I did not know about EPDM Rubber roof and was not told about it by three different RV dealers that I contacted to determine what was the best product to seal the roof. Well the leaks never stopped. Finally I used window screen and lap seal on all seams and around the edges of the entire roof to stop them from separating. This worked very well. Then I found the epdmcoatings.com web site. I have to admit that I was skeptical after everything else I had tried. However I am simply ecstatic and elated with the results. EPDM is actually thicker and more elastic than a new rubber roof membrane. And it goes on so easily. After the cleaning and prep work, the application was almost to easy. I am a full time RVer since 2002. I know and meet multitudes of RV owners and will definitely tell them about the product. I just do not think I could be any more pleased.

Thank you EPDM Coatings

Stephen L
Pensacola, FL 32534




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