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What Our Customers Are Saying!

Just wanted to let you know, this is my second order this month and I was very impressed with your product and service on the first order. This stuff is rather impressive. The first two gallons covered the worst part of my RV's Rubber Roof. These last three should complete the job. Again, thanks for the great service and product,

L. Bean (Villa Rica, GA)


Here are the pictures of our flat roof project. You guys were right on target. We finished in one Saturday and it looks like a brand new roof.

E. Kingston (Philadelphia, PA )


Thanks guys for your assistance. We thought we were going to have to hire a roof contractor but to our surprise we found you guys. On another note, actually I was more impressed with your customer service. I couldn't tell you how many people we contacted and they never even returned our call. You guys answered all our questions
even though we didn't buy from you right away.

M. Dixon (Alabama)


The snow roof was a nightmare. Lasted about 3 years. When we moved the Coachman to bring in the new modular cabin, it split in places...along with the bubbles. Didn't realize this until the water came inside. I just hope we can find this slow leak we have. All the rest of your roofing is fine and we don't ever expect to move the Coachman
again unless it's too the "junk yard".

M. Smith (NY)


Just sending you an e-mail to let you know we finished our roof this weekend. Thanks for your help. The product did everything you said it would and we saved about $3000.00 by doing it ourselves. Thanks again.

T Johnson (Houston, TX)


We have used your product before for a roof and glad you are still on the market. We ordered some today for our vacation home in Florida. We used all the other products out there Kool Seal, Snow Roof and the like...but after a couple of years they cracked and we had to resurface it again. Your product doesn't seem to do that.

B. McKnight (Hartford, CT)


Roof leaks cause majority of the damage to an RV and camper. The end result was, it looked like a new roof, a new rubber roof put over the existing roof, an aluminumroof at that. We were really impressed by it. And I think the warranty is fantastic!

Miller Service Center


Our fish are thanking you. We had a artificial pond that leaked and rather than replace the entire lining we were looking for a product that we didn't have to worry about fixing later. We had a heck of a time looking for something. He had tried some of the tapes on the market but they gave way after time. Our friend recommended we call you guys and we did.

G. Meyers (Carmel Valley CA)


We just completed our project on our flat roof and were relieved how easy it went on. We had experienced some really bad ponding issues and did not like the estimates we received for a new roof. We will recommend you guys!

S. Fitzpatrick (Plymouth NH)


One of the unique things about the product is that it is very easy to use, very clean and it won't run down the sides of the trailer. It dries to a smooth beautiful finish. On a metal roof it will quiet the roof and reduce the heat in the interior. It is very easy to make spot repairs on metal roofs and an excellent product to seal vents and pipes. I use, at
this time no other sealant. If a customer wants a roof with a less expensive product that is not as reliable, I refuse to do the job.

Rv Doctor




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