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A New Roof For A fraction Of The Cost!



We retrieved the original pictures that we sent to you before beginning the project and took the after shots. There will be one more email sent to you, as all the pics wouldn't fit on one. You can see for yourself what a huge improvement we have. As I said on the phone, you folks did a great job and the product was perfect. Thanks for your help.


Douglas A. Loesel,


Coleman Popup Camper
  • Clean ABS Roof thoroughly, I used a pressure washer.
  • Carefully, slightly lift bad cracks that are delaminating from the foam top and spray some water into the cracks and secure with white Gorilla Glue. I used weights and tape to hold in place until it dried. (The moisture is needed for the Gorilla Glue.)
  • Make slurry of MEK and plastic forks and spoons the consistency of heavy cream. (This takes about four hours for the plastic to dissolve.)
  • Clean out large cracks on the camper roof with MEK and a toothbrush.
  • Sanded large cracks to match roof then lightly sand the entire roof. Clean off sanding dust.
  • Next mask off area that you don not want to coat.
  • Next applied Primer 1501, bought from EPDM Coatings 1-610-298-1989. This is a two part primer, mix part A and B and paint entire top of camper. (Only mix one quart at a time as this will set up before you finish.) Let primer set for 24 hours.
  • Sand any runs.
  • Applied Propoly 9601, bought from EPDM Coatings 1-610-298-1989. This is a two part coating, mix part A and B and paint entire top of camper. (Only mix one quart at a time as this will set up before you finish.)
  • In 24 hours it was unbelievable. It looked alike a new roof.

Robert S
Bartlesville, OK


My name is Daniel Sims. My business partner and I recently went to San Diego for a working vacation. We put a new roof on my parents house using the Butyl Liquid Rubber. We pressure washed the roof on July 10th and finished applying the Butyl Liquid Rubber on July 12.

There are several reasons for my letter here. I wanted to let you know how much I like the product! I can not understand why this is the first time I have been exposed to it when I have been in the construction business for close to 30 years. There are many, many times in the past when the Butyl Liquid Rubber would have been a perfect solution on a project and I definitely plan on using it in the future!

Daniel Sims
RL Smith and Associates, Inc


Hi Brian,

Thank you for the time you spent with me on the telephone today. (Tuesday 16th August 2011) You have been very kind and helpful. As I mentioned on the telephone, the video of the 'Liquid Roof' product is a great comfort factor in my decision to purchase an RV, here in England.


Hello Kellie,

Thank you for your quick response. Here are the before and after pictures. What a great product. It was everything you said it was on your website.

Thank you,
John M.
Gerdau Florida


Dear Mr.Phillipine,

Thanks for the info on maintaining the EPDM roof on my motor home. The original roof was 18 years old. It was not leaking but was getting thin and needed something to restore the integrity of the original roof. Great care was taken to prepare the roof for application of the Butyl Liquid Rubber. It was applied with a brush and roller. It took about 2 hours to apply the EPDM. This was done in September 2010. I checked the roof today ( June 20th 2011) and it looks as though the EPDM was just applied 5 days ago. I wish that I had taken pictures before starting the project and then after finishing. Thanks for a great product and for the info on maintenance.

Kindest regards,
Elmer Yoder


Kellie this was our 1984 trailer with a steel sheet roof, badly warn, old paint, old silicon, now sand blasted clean and 1 fresh rubber coating!

I did the rubber roofing project on my horse trailer this weekend, very happy with the results, The product is a lot thicker than I imaged but that is what I needed, a good thick product to cover well.

Definitely only needed one coat! Very happy with the results, attached are 2 pictures. (I believe you have the before pictures.) Also attached are pictures of my trailer finished on the outside you can use for you next broshure to get those horse people buying the product :)

Thanks again,
Chris W
Centuria, WI


I have "mis-placed" my receipt for a recent purchase of RV Roof Repair. Would you please email a copy to me.
BTW-Great Product! it went on well and the first rain storm, it proved its worth.

Thank you for your time
Dale B


Hi Brian:

Just wanted to send some "before and after" photos....I am extremely pleased with the liquid rubber. Great product so far.
Appreciate the consideration for the gift card.

Thank you,
Dale Fohl


Hi EPDM Coatings!!

We had an opportunity to apply your Liquid Roof product on the metal roof of our RV this weekend. I am very happy with the ease of application and the final smooth look of the roof once the self leveling and curing process began. When I first started applying the liquid roof product ,being this was the first time I have used it, I was a bit concerned about running out of product and may have applied it a little too thinly .But as I used it more, I got used to how the product felt as it went on etc,

Thanks !!